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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: [How Long Does a Business Tax Return Normally Take?]
A: [With any tax return the preparation done through the year makes a great deal of difference. Bringing an entire years worth of receipts that is not up to date on April 15th of any tax year requires a Tax Extension. However, with any business with adequate preparation through the year and proper book keeping, that business can rest assured a timely return. ]

Q: [How long does a Personal tax return take to complete?]
A: [Again any Tax return that has adequate preparation done on it through the year will have a turn around time of five business days, and in many cases while patrons are waiting in our lobby. For anyone wanting free counseling on keeping their Tax return ready through the year, advice is free with all our services.]

Q: [Do you electronically file business and personal tax returns?]
A: [Yes.]

Q: [Do you offer quick refunds?]
A: [Yes. Many returns are back from the IRS within 24 hours.]

Q: [What are the basic charges?]
A: [Our cost are based on forms completed, and vary a great deal. We are very reasonable. In most cases cost is well below competitors prices. ]